Active Brands Are Driving More Engagement
As activity among top brands grows, so does engagement.
With more brands engaging larger audiences, more posts being published,
and tactics becoming more sophisticated, users are becoming more receptive
to brand content on the network, giving large brands a bigger return on their investment in the network.

Key Findings
• Monthly engagement (likes and comments) for the Interbrand 100 has more than doubled
since Q3 last year and grown by almost 12 times since Q3 2012.
• Engagement with brand posts is growing at a greater rate than new brands are adopting the network.

Take Away
Now is a better time than ever before for brands to invest in Instagram.
As audiences become more receptive to branded content,
the potential for high engagement and exposure is continuing to grow substantially.
(source: simplymeasured)

Instagram Proved
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Wesley Glasmacher
Creative Director