Aruba is One happy Island

Trip to Aruba

Hi everyone. I’ve been busy lately so I couldn’t post a blog earlier. After being to Texel, Winterberg, Iceland, Swedish Lapland, Zeeland and Aruba, I still had to give some instagram workshops across the country. Besides that I’ve got a drumschool. Busy times but finally time to post my blog about my awesome trip to Aruba!

z5 - 2


So before I left I had some weeks to prepare myself. I wanted to shape my body a bit but it was hard. I only had 5 weeks left. But I did find an amazing thing. Crossfit! Wow! That changed a lot. I live in Holland. In a town called Ede. Normally I don’t like to visit a gym. But this was something different. It’s all about feeling good. Everyone is helping each other to reach goals. Working hard for yourself but as a team. Really like the concept. Soon I’ll tell you more about this Crossfit. If you’re interested already please take a visit at their website: CROSSFIT

training at Crossfit Ede

O’Neill clothes

So I do work for O’Neill footwear for a while now. But now I needed some awesome shorts and shirts for the trip. So we had some contact and they brought me a nice package at the airport in Amsterdam right before I left. Wow, such a great clothes! Thanks for that O’Neill!

clothes thanks to O’Neill

Let’s go to Aruba!

So finally time to for boarding. We flew with KLM to Aruba and it was a really good flight. In the plane I met my two travel companions. Two fashion bloggers. If you want to see their story you could visit their instagram accounts as well.
Check out @moderosa and @annarike. It was a 9 hour flight to Aruba and we left at 12:25 in the afternoon. We arrived in Aruba at the Reina Beatrix Airport around 16:30 so we had enough time to explore a bit. After we checked in at the Renaissance Hotel we had a dinner at 19:00. We started our trip with some good food at Pincho’s Restaurant. At 21:00 we drove back to our hotel and it was time to sleep! Because the day after would start with a good active thing! Bon nochi!

Stand Up Paddle Board

Bon dia! So at 08:00 we would be picked up at the hotel. We had a nice breakfast at Cilo. A nice salmon sandwich! It got warm really early that day and I recommend everyone not to forget to bring some sunscreen! Gladly the team of the Aruba tourism authority had give us a nice welcome package with sunscreen in it. Thanks for that! After we had a nice lunch we drove to Mangel Halto for a Stand up Paddle Board with Aruba Surf & Paddle School! That was just awesome!

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stand up paddle board

Lunch at Zeerovers

After an awesome morning at the beach, well prepared by Crossfit Ede, we lunched at one of the best local fish restaurants of Aruba! Zeerovers is at the heart of fishing village Savaneta. It’s a haven for fresh catches of the day. The baskets of fried fish and jumbo shrimps are paired with local side dishes such as “pan bati” (Aruban pancakes), “funchi” (hearty cornmeal cake or fritters)
and “banana hasa” (fried plantain). I strongly recommend all of you who likes fish to visit this place! I had the best shrimps ever! So good.

lunch at Zeerovers

Leisure time

So after one of the best lunches ever we went back to the hotel for some leisure time. Finally time to explore a bit more of the island. So we went to the Renaissance Aruba Private Island. The island is famous because of the white beach, the blue and green water, the palmtrees and of course the flamingos! Wow! All of those colors where perfect for the perfect shot! One of the shots I’d made with the newest Sony Xperia Z5 worked so good on instagram! Over more then 6.700 likes and over more then 140 comments! Check out this link for the photo! Relaxing time all over this place. But we could not stay to long. We would be picked up at 17:45 to drink some cocktails at Bugaloe while watching the beautiful sunset. The evening ended with a diner at our Hotel.

Foto 25-10-15 19 46 28
relaxing at Renaissance Private Island

Exploring the National Park Arikok

It’s saturday morning and we’ll be picked up at the hotel for a breakfast at Bright Bakery at 07:00. We would visit the National Park of Aruba for a early morning walk. I really looked forward to that to see some wildlife and some typical Aruba nature. We walked with our guide through this amazing landscape and he told us everything we needed to know. If you visit Aruba, please visit the National Park Arikok. It’s amazing! Check here for their website.

Arikok guide
break at National Park Arikok

I love the food in Aruba

After we had a great time at National Park Arikok we went for a lunch at Old Fishermans. This time I tried something else. Linguini with seafood. It’s all fresh and tasty. So if you like to good food, Aruba will be a paradise for you! Next thing we did, after an afternoon relaxing at the beach, was having diner at a new place called Azia. Their concept offers Asian cuisine, tapas style. Tapas are shared and are served, as they are ready. There is no specific sequence in which they are served at your table. Giving you the freedom to savor as many Asian dishes your palate requires as you share with your family and friends. They establish mainly influences from India, Indonesia, China, Korea and Japan. And it’s really good! I definitely recommend the Rock Shrimp Tempura! Any kind of sushi. They taste amazing! The Korean BBQ Ribs and Pork Belly are just wow.

lunch at Old Fishermans

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diner at Azia

It’s not just pleasure.

It’s sunday and we had a lazy day. Breakfast at the hotel and some free time to relax. Ok the trips I make are not bad at all. Most of my friends think it’s all pleasure but don’t forget that I’ve to promote the locations in a way others can’t. Tell a story to the rest of the world and make the best pictures at that time. You have to be quick and creative. That’s something that’s in my mind all the time during the trips I make. You have to be a professional. Don’t forget that. Ok, so after a good relaxing morning we went for a lunch at Nos Clubhuis. And again the food was just amazing! I had a shrimp wrap with French fries. So good! They really know how to make a good lunch. Oh and lets take another cocktail! The famous Aruba Ariba. That’s something you just have to try once.
After we finished the lunch the weather suddenly changed. It started to rain and our friends of the Aruba tourism authority said that it would take a few minutes. Normally.

lunch at Nos Clubhuis

Rain Down On Me

Ok so it started to rain badly. After the lunch it was time to go to Bugaloe to enter a huge catamaran.It was time for a snorkeling  and sailing trip with The Palm Pleasure. It was raining but we went on the boat. We all got our snorkeling gear and a good glas of Aruba Ariba! Time to go. Unfortunately the weather got worse and eventually the captain decided to go back. I really enjoyed it! It rained down on us. For the people of Aruba it was a bless. Finally rain. It had not rained like that in the last 2 years. So it was a good thing.
stormy weather at Bugaloe

Explore like a local

After the stormy weather we went back to the hotel. I had some diner at the hotels restaurant. Sushi and lobster! Not bad at all. The rest of the evening I stayed in my hotel room and went to bed early. Because the next day would be another awesome day! Explore like a local with photographers Carlos Dijkhoff and Armando Goedgedrag. Together with ABC Tours and its fantastic driver! An island tour visiting the Franse pas, Mangel Halto, Baby Beach, Mangel Cora Wells, Rogers Beach, Seroe Colorado (bridge), lunch at Boca Prins, Natural Pool, Andicuri, Black Stone Beach and Boca Keto. Wow! What an amazing tour! We had an awesome group of people. We visited one of the best places on the island.

Foto 26-10-15 22 36 51
me at Seroe Colorado

Love this part of Aruba

Lot’s of the places are in the National Park Arikok. Just like the natural pool. Ok I’ll be really honest. We went to the natural pool but when I saw these rocks and the colors of this volcanic coastline I just had to make a few long exposure shots. I got so in balanced when walking and climbing these rocks. Finding a good spot to set up my gear for some nice shots. Wow, it worked very well. I’ve posted some on my instagram account as well. I could go back any time to visit these places. So beautiful.

Foto 27-10-15 01 57 46 (1)
long exposure at the right side of the natural pool

Cliff jumping

To end the amazing tour we went cliff jumping at Andicuri Beach. It was my first time and it was amazing! We all jumped and the water was so good. It felt so nice. The temperature. And the Andicuri Beach is so beautiful! Don’t miss that place when you’ll visit Aruba.

Andicuri Beach
Andicuri Beach before cliff jumping

Last evening

After a day full of adventure with the team we went back to the hotel. We would be picked up at 20:00 for our last diner in Aruba. Dinner at Screaming Eagle. An exclusive place at Eagle Beach. Chef Erwin Hüsken made us a special treatment.
He surprised us with high quality food. Wow. Really good! You should definitely check out this place full of original culinary experiences. Screaming Eagles.

One Happy Island

After 5 days of adventure, luxury and good food it was time to leave this wonderful island. I’ve had a great experience. Nice people to start with. And I would love to thank our personal guides. Paula and Nadia. Thanks so much! You are the best!It truly is One Happy Island. You have to go. I’d love to go back soon and it looks like I will!During the adventure I also had this awesome smartphone with me.The new Sony Xperia Z5 with the best autofocus there is right now.Eight of my pictures that I’d made with the Z5 are posted by National Geographic Traveler. So proud of that! You can see them here as well. Hope you enjoyed my blog about my trip to Aruba? Feel free to leave a message or share it with your friends.




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