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Hi everyone! Since the #MyHandInFrame contest lotst of new reactions and requests came in.
Do you know what a collab is? A collaboration between two or more instagramers.
Edit each others picture and then post it on your own account.
Really cool concept and I did many!
Good for new followers of course but also great to promote someone else.
I got lots of requests these days to do a collab.


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Hi goodmorning my friends. So I followed a few new people for new inspiration. Thanks a lot y'all! Here a reflection shot of my canoe trip at Beauly River in the Scottish Highlands! #visitnessie
The Scottish Highland is amazing! Love to hike. You can feel the energy all over the place. Have you ever been to Scotland?
What an amazing place! @wildgeography
Ready for this? #watchthisinstagood @instagood #ede
Follow the path to explore. Are you in for a new adventure?
This was the backyard of the lodge I was sleeping. So inspiring!

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