Interview with fellow instagram photographer Meetjulian

Interview with fellow instagram photographer Meetjulian

Since I launched my website the idea of interviewing fellow Instagramers was there. I asked my friend Julian Castaneda, also known as Meetjulian on Instagram, if I could interview him. Of course he said yes!
Please check his gallery! Here we go!


1. What does Instagram means to you?
Instagram for me is family. I meet so many great people thru this app, which I now can call friends. Instagram is also inspiration, every day, every minute.

2. What kind of advice would you give to someone who want’s to be a good mobile photographer?
Look at photos. Visit photo museums. Look up to the best and learn from the best. And go out and Explore and take more photos! That’s the way to be succesful.

3. Do you think Instagram could be a fulltime job?
For sure, even though it’s hard I know people who has it as their fulltime job.

4. If you can change something on Instagram. What would that be?
New filters, more editing options and Maybe be able to post HQ photos.

5. What is your favorite picture on your gallery and why?
The green bench with My Mon and Dad. It was one of my first photos and it Mean’s a lot to me. That day, that moment I will never forget.

6. Imagine a band or artist is asking you to tour with them as a mobile photographer. Which band or artist would that be?
Would be cool to follow Kanye West or Jay Z on a tour and get behind the scenes to show their world thru photos. Great artists, and I think it would turn out very cool and very unique!

7. Which places are on your list to make pictures?

Oh so many. Iceland, Australia, US, London but also more unknown places with amazing nature. Maybe the rainforest?Thanks a lot Julian! Really appreciate your kindness and time!

Favorite picture of Meetjulian



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