Let me tell your story

Roadtrip America
Hi everyone! Time for some updates.
I’m almost a 40K instagramer and I’m getting more likes and comments each day. My pictures are getting better as well.
Time for new things. Besides I’m promoting brands, products and locations I’d love to do something new.

Visited family
In 2001 I’ve visited my family in the US. A road trip from Bandon, Oregon to Las Vegas.
Wow! The best trip ever.
Unfortunately without instagram and a camera.
There’s this dream of me. A dream to visit the Northwest coast again.
But this time as an instagramer. Meeting other instagramers during my road trip. Wow what would that be cool!
I’m in love with that part of the US. The Redwoods. The Oregon Coast. Just amazing!
Then visiting San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge. Wow!

But it always costs money. That’s why I’m looking for a sponsor.
A sponsor that would let me tell their story on my account. Not by promoting a product or a physical object in frame. But by a story. A story in frames.
I’m looking for a sponsor that would look at my #selftimerwes shots. Do I fit in? Does your slogan or your company philosophy compare my pictures?
Do we match?

Make a dream come true
Wesinthewild goes Northwest. That sounds great! It would be awesome!
Last week, from monday till today, I had about 41.141 likes.
Not bad at all. What if 41 thousand people would see your story?
Like the story and leave a comment? Would’t that be just great?
We didn’t even mention the share opportunities or the behind the scenes movies on YouTube. Let me tell your story.
Why? Because I can.

Please Share My Dream.

Creative regards,




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