Van drummer naar Instagram fotograaf: Wes in the Wild

Van drummer naar Instagram fotograaf: Wes in the Wild
Wes in The Wild is de Instagram alias van Wesley Glasmacher (34) uit Ede. Als de mobiele-fotografie-minnaar niet op zoek is naar de symmetrie en harmonie in de natuur, dan is hij wel workshops aan het geven. Samen met fotograaf Arjan van Bruggen richtte hij MeetBy op; een initiatief dat workshops rondom mobiele fotografie organiseert.

Wesley is van origine muzikant en heeft een drumschool aan huis. Sinds Instagram zijn pad kruiste is hij zo trouw aan het medium als blote voeten aan badslippers zijn. Onlangs werd de Edenaar door HP de Tijd gerekend tot de vijftien beste Instagram-fotografen van Nederland. Zijn Instagram-account telt inmiddels meer dan zevenhonderd pareltjes. Dit zijn de tien foto’s die ons het meest imponeren.


My hand in frame #myhandinframe

De vijftien beste Instagram-fotografen van Nederland

Op Instagram worden dagelijks tientallen foto’s geplaatst die werkelijk van wereldklasse zijn. Ook door Nederlandse accounts.

HP/De Tijd maakte een overzicht van de vijftien beste Instagram-fotografen uit Nederland. Vijftien accounts, in hiërarchische volgorde, die stuk voor stuk de moeite van het volgen waard zijn.

07. wesinthewild
Wie? Wesley Glasmacher.
Wat? Komt uit de buurt van Ede en vertoeft daarom met enige regelmaat in lommerrijk gebied. Ook de heide komt vaak terug in zijn fotokunst.
Instagram: @wesinthewild




Wesinthewild featured by instagram as one of the WHP favorite submissions

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Wesinthewild featured by instagram as one of the WHP favorite submissions

This weekend’s tag was #WHPappreciateEarth, which asked participants to go out and show their appreciation for our planet and document it through creative photos and videos. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.


Interview with fellow instagram photographer Meetjulian

Interview with fellow instagram photographer Meetjulian

Since I launched my website the idea of interviewing fellow Instagramers was there. I asked my friend Julian Castaneda, also known as Meetjulian on Instagram, if I could interview him. Of course he said yes!
Please check his gallery! Here we go!


1. What does Instagram means to you?
Instagram for me is family. I meet so many great people thru this app, which I now can call friends. Instagram is also inspiration, every day, every minute.

2. What kind of advice would you give to someone who want’s to be a good mobile photographer?
Look at photos. Visit photo museums. Look up to the best and learn from the best. And go out and Explore and take more photos! That’s the way to be succesful.

3. Do you think Instagram could be a fulltime job?
For sure, even though it’s hard I know people who has it as their fulltime job.

4. If you can change something on Instagram. What would that be?
New filters, more editing options and Maybe be able to post HQ photos.

5. What is your favorite picture on your gallery and why?
The green bench with My Mon and Dad. It was one of my first photos and it Mean’s a lot to me. That day, that moment I will never forget.

6. Imagine a band or artist is asking you to tour with them as a mobile photographer. Which band or artist would that be?
Would be cool to follow Kanye West or Jay Z on a tour and get behind the scenes to show their world thru photos. Great artists, and I think it would turn out very cool and very unique!

7. Which places are on your list to make pictures?

Oh so many. Iceland, Australia, US, London but also more unknown places with amazing nature. Maybe the rainforest?Thanks a lot Julian! Really appreciate your kindness and time!

Favorite picture of Meetjulian

Cover The Music

Cover The Music

Me and @lindalaughs started the account @cover_the_music a while ago.
Are you in for a musical adventure? Then you should visit the account.
During the kickstart a few great instagram friends helped us out.
That’s where this great community is all about.
Building things together by pictures.
Cover The Music will feature pictures and once in a while there’s a contest.
Check it out!

Here are some of the pictures from our friends who helped us out!

Which Apps Do I Use


When I’m going to edit a picture I alway start with Snapseed to fine tune my picture. First some Structure to get it more sharper.
Then Tune Image. Less Ambiance and less Saturation at almost every picture.
After that I’m going to Crop the picture to get it to the 1:1 size for instagram and when needed I’ll Straighten it.
Change the Center Focus a bit and I’m ready.

afterlight logo2

Mostly when I’m doing a collab I’ll mirror the picture.
Only to give the picture my trademark.

vsco logo2

The finishing touch in VSCO.
I’m so in love with the SE3 filter but it really depends on the real colors of the picture. This is a must have app!
Check out my personal VSCO GRID!

Promoting the new Sony QX10

Sony asked me to promote their new cool device the sony qx 10 smart lens.
What a great gadget to work with.
If you are into the self timer shots, group shots or puddle grams, this is so good!
A high quality device that works very well! Me and 3 instagram friends tried it out. Awesome!
Photo 03-11-13 17 06 20

Top 17 Best instagram photographers of Holland

Top 17 Best instagram photographers of Holland
Wie hebben de kunst van het smartphone-fotograferen
het beste onder de knie?
Firestarters zocht het uit en verzamelde deze
17 top-Instagrammers uit of neergestreken in Nederland.

01. @croyable (Eelco roos) 328.730 volgers
02. @herbertschroer (Herbert Schröer) 64.598 volgers
03. @miekd (Maykel Loomans) 78.705 volgers
04. @panyrek (Kitty de Jong) 141.240 volgers
5. @claireonline 253.835 volgers
6. @regalphis (Freek Geurts) 64.375 volgers
8. @wesinthewild 17.264 volgers
9. @lidyvps (Lidy) 15.957 volgers
10. @level80 (levent) 4.319 volgers
11. @fdofranchi (Fernando Franchi) 11.081 volgers
12. @macenzo (Dirk Bakker) 140.591 volgers
13. @mariannehope 57.985 volgers
14. @sfennema (Sander) 10.670 volgers
15. @charlietash (Charlie Tash) 12.983 volgers
16. @mark_as_seen 4.157 volgers
17. @followalter 600 volgers

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